Activities and tourism

Au Journal Intime

All year long


  • A lot of walks,bikes and horses rides and drives (there is a horse school 500m down the village), in a wooden and rolling landscape, crossed by several watercourses. Rouge Poncé domain offers you a didactic walk on wooden posts and a lot of miradors letting you observe wild animals in the woods of Mochamps.
  • Routes of cheeses, of beers,,...
  • Chocolateries in Samrée (Cyril chocolats) and in Erezée (Defroidmont)
  • La Roche (12km): castell, war museum, parc à gibier, char, swimming pool, movies theater, restaurants, shops;
  • St-Hubert (12km): Basilique, Fourneau St-Michel, Aérodrome, parc à gibier;
  • Marche-en-Famenne (18km): movies theater, WEX, wellness centers, ...
  • Bastogne (22km): ravel (bikes roads), war museums, wool and sheeps museum, movies theater, restaurants, shops
  • Libramont (25km): train station, movies theater, restaurants, shops, halle des foires
  • Grand-Duché du Luxembourg (frontier at 33km): La Petite Suisse, castles, lacs
  • Domainde de Chevetogne
  • Castel of Lavaux-St-Anne
  • Caves of Hotton and of Han-Sur-Lesse
  • Parc Chlorophylle in Dochamps
  • Barage of Nisramont, Hérou site
  • ...



During spring and summer


  • Apparition of Berthe's gost in La Roche
  • A lot of "marchés du terroirs" in the villages around
  • ADEPS walks and others, organised here around each WE
  • Foire agricole of Libramont
  • Kayaks for rent in La Roche
  • A lot of festivals: - Juillet musical of St-Hubert

- Wardin Rock in Bastogne

- Borktour in St-Hubert

- festival du rire de Rochefort

- festival du conte à Chiny

- festival des arts de la rue à Chassepierre

- festival du jazz




At fall


Brâme du cerf


In the winter


Ski de fond: - maison du ski à Champlon (1km)

- pistes starting from d'Hurtebise (St-Hubert-12km)


Ski alpin: baraque de Fraiture (25km)


Christmas markets: Berismenil, Amberloup, Lavacherie, Bastogne, St-Hubert, Libramont,...


Commémorations liées à la Bataille des Ardennes